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Equipment for processing plastic and glass

Disintegration time in vivo conditions of glass is of 1000 years, of polymer (plastic, polyethylene) - from 50 to 200 years. Therefore, to speed up the process and reduce harmful effects on the environment they need to be recycled or reused in manufacturing. Composite material produced on glass and resin base has high performance. Composition includes crushed recycled glass as a filler without deep purification and separation by color, a polymer acts as a binder. Usage of polymer-glass composite is diversified, it includes the entire range of polymer-sand finished products.

PC "Polimerstroy18" produces and sells affordable equipment for processing plastic and glass, as well as equipment for recycling. An analogue of the equipment used in polymer-sand manufacturing was modified, introduced with additional options for use of glass because it is heavier and abrasive material. For Customer choice we propose HMU (extruders), Molds, Presses, Glass Crushers and Polymer Crushers.

Equipment for processing plastic

Preparation of polymer: equipment is used, which is intended for the processing of polyethylene or plastics, including: Shredders or Grinders (Crushers for polymers) or Agglomerators for film HDPE or LDPE. Prepared materials without deep cleaning with permissible ingression of dirt, dust, etc. Prepared raw materials in a proportion according to the formulation and mixed in a mixer is fed by any means (manually, or conveyor) to the charging hopper of heating-and-melting unit (HMU) (extruder). After the binder polymer melt phase at the output you obtain a composite material, which is fed into the mold assembly mounted on a press.

Equipment for processing glass

Preparation of glass: grinding glass without deep cleaning with critical ingression of dirt, dust, glass of various colors. Splitting up to fine fraction is prepared as a filler for composite.

The whole essence of the production of polymer-glass composite material lies in a fact that quartz sand is replaced in the polymer-sand composite with chopped glass, essentially the same quartz sand passed the glass processing stage.

Affordable equipment prices

The price of equipment and completeness are discussed at the negotiation stage. You can buy equipment for processing glass and plastic when contacting PC Polimerstroy18.


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