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Individual approach

development of a project

individual approach to choice of process equipment, with respect to the conditions and possibilities of the customer.

Production and supply on "turnkey"

Production and supply on "turnkey" basis both individual machines and complete lines for the production of finished products of composite materials.

Pre-sale preparation

All equipment is supplied after dealer preparation, before being sent it is tested and passed the quality control.

Highly qualified specialists

Highly qualified specialists of our company provide delivery, installation, commissioning, personnel training, warranty service and maintenance of equipment.

Designing an Optimal Layout

Designing the optimal layout and upgrading the composite productions of any premises.

Choice of process equipment

Individual approach to the choice of technological equipment in relation to the conditions and capabilities of the customer.

Installation supervision and commissioning work

Chef-installation and commissioning, warranty and after-sales service.

Supply of components for equipment

  • Designing optimal layout and modernization of composite productions located in any premises.
  • Individual approach in the selection of process equipment for the conditions and possibilities of the customer.
  • Delivery of equipment "turnkey", service and the implementation of new lines to the existing production.
  • Delivery of spare parts for equipment.
  • Installation supervision and commissioning, warranty and service.

You can check quality of our services and products. Our experts will provide you with professional advice and help you to choose the best solution for the active development of your business.

Modern production is characterized by a high level of mechanization and automation of technological processes, introduction of new technologies and constant expansion of the range of goods, as well as by development of low-power enterprises of different ownership forms.

In order to properly organize production and produce competitive products you must take into account current trends in the development of production, to upgrade production in time, to expand its range of goods.

Proper selection and complete set of the equipment, selection of the product range, selection of recipes and technologies are the components of a successful business with an individual approach.


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