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Роторная дробилка для пластика ИПР

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“Polimerstroy18” Production Company develops, produces and supplies equipment for processing plastic wastes. Versatile plastic impact crushers (plastic shredders) are represented in the broad range: versatile, light, medium, heavy. They can treat different amounts of wastes per hour from 50 kg to 1000 kg depending on the raw materials.
The advantages of the versatile plastic crusher series IPR are its high reliability, high quality and continuous work.
Proposed series of crushers is intended for grinding and fractionating of waste plastics (films, sheets, parts of various shapes, foam materials, PET bottles, boxes, cans, jars, etc.)

  • Production of secondary polymers;
  • Recycling of defective products and scraps;
  • Utilization of solid household and industrial waste.

  • Price – quality
  • To Buy – basic models of plastics crushers are always available in stock;
  • Versatile impact crusher crushes solid thick polymers, sprues, films;
  • High productivity and quality of grinding;
  • High reliability and durability of plastic crusher design;
  • Low energy intensity;
  • Relative position of roll and fixed blades eliminates excessive heating of the crusher and allows to operate 24 hours a day without water cooling;
  • Energy saving power consumption for grinding by an oblique cut of the roll blades;
  • Ease of operation, maintenance, replacement of sieves and blades, adjusting the gap between the blades;
  • Available and fast cleaning from residues of the crushed material;
  • Safety;
  • 12 months warranty;
  • Spare parts for plastics crushers: fractional mesh, blades sets, etc,;
  • Optional devices are available on the customer request: pneumatic transportation system, conveyor for loading material to be processed, etc. (go to sections)
  • Client is given the opportunity to take the test on the equipment using self-provided materials, to confirm the stated capabilities of the selected crusher.


IPR 7,5 IPR 11 IPR 360 IPR 22 IPR 375 IPR 37 IPR 500
Roll diameter, mm 250 320 360 420 375 450 500
Roll width, mm 350 400 400 600 600 800 800
Roll speed, rpm 450 470 1000 650 780 600 1100
Engine power, kW 7,5 11 22 22 30 37 45
Weight, kg 500 550 670 1275 1070 1705 2700
Number of blades on roll 3 3 16 3 6 3 6
Number of blades on frame 2 2 16 2 4 2 4

Technical data

IPR 500/800 IPR 375/600
Length, mm 2054 1800
Height, mm 2185 1975
Width, mm 1500 655
Weight, kg 2700 1067
Roll diameter, mm 500 375
Roll speed, rpm 750 750
Roll working width, mm 800 600
Number of blades on roll, ea 3x2 3x2
Number of immovable blades, ea 2x2 2x2
Engine power, kW 45 30
Engine speed, rpm 1000 1000
Transmission type V-belt drive V-belt drive
Charging opening, mm 836x626 666x503
Charging housing, mm 800x982x1285 710x675x974
Power supply 380 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph 380 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph

Rotary crusher consists of the following parts and components: roll being longitudinal cutting unit with fixed blades. The roll is mounted in bearings in a crusher housing. The housing is mounted on the frame, which is fixed to the floor. The charging hopper for raw materials is mounted on the crusher housing. When replacing blades the hopper leans to the rear position over the guides. At the very rear of the frame with regard to charging tube there is an electric motor rotating the roll with blades bu means of the V-belt transmission.

Loading polymeric raw material to the crusher is performed from the top, through a feeding tube, in manual or automatic mode (in presence of feeding mechanism). The material to be grinded is delivered to the blades at a tangent to the circle of blade rotation. The roll design is called open - when the blade holders are attached from the both ends to the lateral disks. This roll design is characterized by high structural rigidity and provides crusher operation with reduced noise and dust, enables feeding of large pieces, raw fragments. The roll design implements cutting type of guillotine scissors, when cutting process begins at the blade tip point and then extends to the entire length of the blade strip. This type of cutting provides greater efficiency of the engine used and is characterized with high performance. Crushing fraction is determined be mesh mounted at the bottom of the crusher.

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