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Effectiveness of recycling glass and plastic

Modern industrial civilization produces a variety of products and, at the same time, extremely durable waste - containers and accessories made of plastic and glass. These materials are able to pollute the environment for centuries without decomposition.

Effectiverecycling of glass and plastic, bringing them back into the production process is a promising business direction. To provide that plastic and glass from environmentally hazardous waste turn into industrial raw materials and bring income, they should be put in usable condition: plastic is to be reduced to fragments, glass is to be broken to pieces. These operations are carried out on specialized equipment, which is developed, manufactured and distributed by the PC "Polimerstroy18".

Shredding plastic

For each category of plastic waste there is an optimal way to grinding and related installations.

Agglomerator for plastic rotary (APR)

for films of polypropylene, high and low density polyethylene up to stretch films. Double-sharpened knives fixed on the rotor provide chopping, as well as, depending on the specific model, stationary blades and discs-saws.

Plastic shredder (IPR)

or rotary crusher. The unit is effective for treatment of foams and plastic films, sheets, bottles, cans and containers. IPR has a set of movable (rotary) and stationary knives. Equipped with a grid that defines the fraction of crushing. Developed in eight executions.

Single-roll and double-roll shredders

In these installations the rotating shafts with several tens of knives quickly and efficiently crush waste plastic pipes, boxes, cans, and other parts made of low-density polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). Also versatile economical shredder with a single shaft is designed, complete with both rotary and fixed blades, and a hydraulic press plate.

Glass Crushing

You may grind is not only glass, but sanitary ware, porcelain to 3 mm fraction using impact crushers of IM and IMS series/. The spinning rotor of this equipment accommodates swinging hammers of hard metal. Reliable and simple structure ensures absence of malfunctions, high performance, ease of operation.

Grinding installations of PC "Polimerstroy18" are cost-effective, reliable, high-performance, have a complete set of options agreed with the customer. All equipment can be purchased at a reasonable price with a flexible system of payment and delivery by road, sea, rail.


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