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Automated line of polymer-sand products

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Automated line of polymer-sand products

The automated line for production of polymer-sand products shall be made according to customer's technical specifications with reference to the production site.

Main components:

1.    Crusher. Versatile crushing machine, 45 kW.
2.    Belt conveyor feeding raw material into the crusher, depends on the installation length
3.    Swirly unloading of the crushed raw material in the hopper
4.    Hopper receiving the prepared polymeric raw material
5.    Screw feed of raw materials into the mixer
6.    Sending all automation signals to control units, sensors
7.    Sand drying unit. Sand (filler)
8.    Sand hopper (made in-situ in a workshop)
9.    Belt conveyor to deliver sand for drying with adjustable lift angle
10.    Hopper for dry sand. Screw feed into mixer with treatment of screw
11.    Mixer to prepare a mixture
12.    Dispenser feeding pigment into the mixer with storage bin
13.    Funnel hopper mounted on the platform upstream to loading into the mixer
14.    Hopper to discharge stirred mixture and its loading into heating-and-melting unit (OPTION 1)
15.    Hopper on the platform above the heating-and-melting unit (extruder) to load the fed mixture
16.    (Extruder) Heating-and-melting unit (HMU)
17.    Control unit with software linking the whole line from load to output of composite material from heating-and-melting unit to molding in molds
18.    Die with the "shuttle" table platform, two molds
19.    Die molds water cooled
20.    Mold cooling system

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