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Defective Product Crusher

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Crushing unit described in this Operating Manual is intended for application in production specialized in polymer-sand products, and is used for crushing of defective products to produce raw materials suitable for further use in the processing chain.

The crusher is suitable for crushing of defective polymer-sand products having dimensions not exceeding the crusher hopper neck sizes (i.e., 554 ´ 382 mm max) and weight not exceeding 5 kg such as terraced paving tiles, pavers, tiles, borders etc.
No. Characteristic Value Unit
1 Drive motor power 5.5 kW
2 Motor rotation speed 1500 rpm
3 Drive pulley diameter 107 m
4 Driven pulley diameter 128 mm
5 Shaft speed 156.8 rpm
6 Movable cutters 21 ea
7 Immovable cutters 1 ea
8 Shaft Reversing available
9 Operating voltage 380 V
10 Frequency 50 Hz
11 Dimensions with hopper (lengthxheightxwidth) 1146x944x543 mm
12 Weight, max 228 kg
13 Average throughput, min 300 kg/h

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