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Features of Our Equipment

Production of polymer-sand items is the effective high-yield business

PC "Polimerstroy18" offers to supply complete lines for production of a wide range of products based on polymer-sand composite.


  • Roofing materials
  • Road pavement
  • Drainage system components
  • Products for fruit and vegetable gardens


  • Fattening complexes
  • Flooring, decking
  • Drinkers, feeders

Ore and Mining Industry

  • Lining of mine

Energy sector

  • Plate closing cables in a trench
  • Protective housing for cables
  • Cable trays

Products for the needs of Russian Railways

  • Various items and tools

The equipment has different design solutions for use in the manufacture of composite materials with a different recipes; for manufacture of a wide range of products based on them (polymer-sand, polymer-glass, polymer-rubber polymer-porcelain, etc.). Consisting of 100% by weight of recycled components. The design of the equipment uses a number of unique technical solutions, allowing to achieve high quality performance and reliability of manufactured products.

The advantages include possibility of equipment use in manufacture of hard recyclable plastics:

  • ply plastics;
  • packaging materials made of cross-linked polyethylene;
  • plastic materials with foiled layer, and so on.
  • trimmings of polyester needle-punched thermally bonded pile fabric and so on.

These types of plastics are difficult recyclable and require significant investments. Such wastes are transported for disposal in landfills or incinerated, which can not be considered an effective solution in the modern world.

PC Polimerstroy18 does not offer intermediate raw materials but ready-made solution for the business!

High-efficiency ready solutions for business of processing complex wastes in the finished commercial product.

The proposed equipment and technology allows you to organize highly profitable business with a high degree of efficiency.

The advantages of this business


of components included in the composites, their low price

Wide range

of composite applications in finished products for the general orientation of use

High profitability,

fast return of investments

Growing demand

for products made of composites

Solving of environmental

issues related with recycling garbage.

Solving problems

of recycling waste coming from the main production enterprises, reducing the expenditure side of the company, obtaining additional profits.

What is necessary to organize production?

To organize the production of polymer-sand composite requires three basic components:

Heating-and-melting Unit (HMU)

Designed for preparation of a homogeneous polymer-sand mixture of raw components (sand + resin + dye) for further molding of finished products.

Compression mold

The mold is the main tooling of the polymer-sand production, intended for charging into it hot polymer-sand composition and subsequent molding at a press, the molds are equipped with a system of ducts for connection to the cooling system.

Press assembly (press)

The mold is put on the platen, under action of forces (pressure) exerted on the polymer-sand mixture charged in the mold molding and packing of structure of the finished product occur together with the cooling process of the mold.

Equipment for the processing of secondary polymers

Technical features of our equipment

  • The equipment allows the use in the manufacture of filler (sand) with a high degree of humidity, thus, moisture does not affect product quality.
  • Manufactured heating-and-melting units (HMU) are equipped with independent heating zones with automatic temperature control, which allows for automatic temperature control in accordance with a given program.
  • In the HMU design a screw of upgraded design is used that allows to achieve a more complete ejecting action aimed at supplying the finished composite (of polymer) mixture.
  • Hydraulic presses are designed, modified by the terms of polymer-sand technology.
  • Produced molds are made of structural alloy steel and undergo subsequent thermal hardening, equipped with a cooling system. Service life of molds until repair can reach up to 5-8 mln products.

Economic Efficiency of Production Line

Production lines based on our equipment have high levels of profitability and cost-effectiveness that is achieved through the use of technical solutions and the overall balance of the design.

For customer convenience, we have developed several typical business-plans for organization of production, where you can calculate the economic indicators based on the cost of raw materials and the cost in your region.

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