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Inspection manholes of polymer-sand composition are the latest revolutionary development. This type of product is created as an alternative to cast iron hatches and has high demand in the market.

Used on hydraulic press D2432 and above
Technical requirements by GOST 22082-76,
Steel 40..45 HRC by GOST 1050-98

Fitted with water-cooling system

  Tech.Characteristics Manhole with adjustable height (type L, S, T) Manhole type L Manhole type D Inlet manhole Hinged manhole Square manhole UTN manhole Road manhole
1 Mold material Steel 40Х, 45Х
2 Number of places in mold 1
3 Required press / model D2432 and above
4 Molding time,s (cover/base) 120/500
5 Product size, mm                
  Cover Ø620 h=30/40/50 Ø620 h=30 Ø620 h=20 580х580 h=30 Ø610 h=30 580х580 h=30/35/40 Ø620 h=30/40/50 Ø620 h=70
  Base Ø740 h=100 Ø740 h=70 Ø740 h=70 670х670 h=70 Ø740 h=70 670х670 h=70 Ø740 h=120 Ø740 h=120
6 Weight of set, kg 32/36/44 28 20 28 30 30/32/36 34/38/46 60
7 Weight of mold (cover/base), kg 555/955 544/865 544/865 544/865 566/870 544/865 560/940 550/890
8 Dimensions of mold (length, width, height), mm                
  Cover 655х710х325 655х710х325 655х710х325 720х655х330 720х655х330 720х655х330 655х710х325 655х710х325
  Base 800х880х400 800х800х400 800х800х400 800х800х400 800х800х400 800х800х400 800х880х430 800х880х430
9 Execution options With heat treatment / without heat treatment

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