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Service maintenance

When purchasing the equipment buyer can order services for installation, commissioning, personnel training. This list of services is provide as a complex by the company experts onsite, and includes the following works:

Connection of the equipment placed in places to the mains

Service of hydraulic aggregate and filling of oil tanks of press equipment

Functional check of all equipment and systems

Start the equipment and advanced adjustment using raw materials of the customer

Training and familiarization of customer personnel with the equipment operation and maintenance.

Importance of Pre-commissioning Works

Pre-commissioning is an important step in the start-up and commissioning of equipment, do not underestimate the need for these works, and rely on own strength. Despite the seeming simplicity of the process, there are many aspects and subtleties of production that affect the success and efficiency.

The delivered equipment is provided with certificates, instruction manual including a CD with video material. We recommend to use in service the professionals having vast experience in production and operation of the equipment.

Services of Equipment Maintenance

The company provides warranty, post-warranty service of the equipment, required spare parts on request, repair services, modernization of previously purchased equipment and third-party production equipment in the premises of the PC Polimerstroy 18 or with visit of experts to the customer.

Procedure of Shipping Parts (Spare Parts)

The spare parts are shipped to any legal entity (individual entrepreneur) by any means of transport by the transport company delivering goods under availability of the contract of sale of equipment for which spare parts purchased.

It is necessary to send to the address of the PC Polimerstroy18 an application with necessary details, contract number and date of making, name of the Buyer by e-mail or fax having indicated the contact information.

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