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PC "Polymerstroy18" is

Own production

one of the main advantages of our company is the availability of its own production


our company has been engaged in the integrated design and supply of complete production lines since 2002

Large territorial coverage

Dozens of neglected and successfully operating production lines in Russia, the CIS and foreign countries

Quality Guarantee

our company has quality certificates for all equipment manufactured, we provide perpetual post-warranty service


Composite products manufacturing machinery

Polymer-sand machinery

Automated line of polymer-sand products

Fibre based composite

При производстве  напольных ковровых покрытий : паласы , ковры , полотна ковровые покрытия  салона автомобиля, коврики под ноги , обшивка и т.д.  изготавливается из разных материалов и на различных основах  включающих волокна полиэфирные, полипропиленовые, полиамидные  с различными вкраплениями, что соответствует трудноперерабатываемым материалом с длительным периодом естественного распада.

Покрытия данного вида представляют собой полотно  полиэфирного иглопробивного ворсового термоскрепленного ламинированного полотна  (PES Полиэфирсульфон + LDPE Линейный полиэтилен низкой плотности), полиэфирного иглопробивного ворсового термоскрепленного латексированного полотна  (100% PES + латекс+ каучук), полиэфирного иглопробивного ворсового термоскрепленного полотна с промежуточным слоем полиэтилена HDPE и выплесками полеуретановой пены (100% PES + полиэтилен LDPE+ППУ),полиэфирного иглопробивного неворсового термоскрепленного полотна с промежуточным слоем полиэтилена LDPE и слоем тканевой шумоизоляции (50% PES + 50% шумоизоляция+полиэтилен LDPE) и т.д.

Применение для композита текстильного корта шин остающегося после переработки в резиновую крошку.

ПК Полимерстрой18 предлагает комплексное решения утилизации вышеперечисленных отходов с получением композитной массы используемой в производстве различных изделий от стадии подготовки сырья до выхода готовой продукции.

Разработка и внедрение в производственный процесс  Двухшнековый  Агрегат плавильно нагревательный снимает вопрос невозможности переработки.

В состав линии входит :

1.      Агрегат для измельчения  Универсальный

2.      Смеситель  перемешивания составляющих компонентов рецептуры

3.      АПН Агрегат плавильно нагревательный двухшнековый для подготовки композитной смеси к формовке

4.      Пресс гидравлический формовочный

5.      Пресс- формы для получения конечного продукта

При комплектации линий производства композитных материалов, по желанию заказчика, предоставляются транспортирующие устройства подачи сырья , исходных материалов способствующих улучшить процесс загрузки , сэкономить время производственного цикла.

Use of crumb rubber

Flexibility offered by the technology and equipment capabilities allow you to use various materials in the mixture as binder base and filler. As filler you can use silica sand, crushed glass, any small fraction screenings, and also crumb rubber from recycling tires.

Car tires are made of rubber, which belongs to the group of thermosetting materials (thermosets), they cannot be used again for the manufacture of similar products, given the volume of the vehicle fleet in the world, the problem of disposing tires with terminated life is quite urgent.

Currently there are technologies to produce coatings of various kinds on the basis of crumb rubber on the adhesive-related basis. Such coatings have been widely spread due to their properties (absorbing surface, reduced risk of injury, high wear resistance) in sports facilities, playgrounds and paving areas. Thus, depending on the coating and method of applying the adhesive base consumption may be within the range of 20-45%, which in some cases leads to a significant rise in the cost of 1m2.

Equipment proposed by our company under condition of suitable choice of a technological mode allows to obtain a composite mixture based on the crumb rubber bound by polymer base, similar to polymer-sand mixture. This mixture is molded in the cooled molds.

The advantage of such a process for producing is a lower cost based on 1 kg of the finished product, because recycled plastic are used as binder bases not specialized adhesives, that are cheaper and more available to purchase.

Also, the polymer base may be mixed and contaminated to a certain degree that in small volumes does not affect the physical and mechanical properties of the resulting product, in addition to the advantages of the method producing products include the short time the product forming in the mold. Depending on the weight and size of the product an average time lies in the range of 40-60 seconds, whereas the curing time of the finished product during forming using classical methods typically is about 15 minutes in hot forming, and up to several hours in a cold molding.

Currently, our company can offer you shredders for recycling tires with textile and metal cord, ready technological equipment of a full cycle for the finished product on the basis of the crumb rubber.

Recycling of glass and plastic

The result of any production and consumption is the occurrence of waste in different forms, the question is what to do with this waste in the future?

Technology of production of composite materials on the basis of secondary polymers as binders for the glass filler mass. A special feature of this technology is the ability to produce marketable products, made of 100% recycled fiber content.

Binder polymer base



Obtained on the basis of composite materials the products are in direct competition with the cement-based products, while the technology has an advantage due to ability to use virtually all types of recycled plastic, which can be plasticized by heating (PP, PE, ABS, LDPE, HDPE, etc.). The technology also allows usage of "mixed" dirty, ply plastics, foil types of packaging plastics.


River bank-run silica sand


Screenings of ore mining and processing enterprises of different factions, glass, porcelain, pottery, etc.

An additional advantage of the technology is the ability to use the materials being waste as filler and to replace sand. Thus, using ground glass or mining and processing wastes instead of sand we can get a commodity product, made of 100% recycled materials. Also, as in the case of sand, certain degree of inclusions of foreign, non-critical size fraction and chemical activity is allowed.

Within this technology, we can produce a wide range of products with different applications. Quality of the raw materials used affects the properties of the resulting material, but high flexibility of the technology allows you to choose for each type of raw material suitable formulation, to expand the range of products that will satisfy their end consumer.




Mining industry





Shredders for plastic waste

"RostPoliKraft" Production Company ("RPK") manufactures equipment for processing plastic waste such as single-shaft shredders and two-shaft shredders.
Single-shaft shredders
High performance. Low power consumption
Designed for processing a variety of plastic waste: LDPE, HDPE, LPVED, PET, etc. and composites thereof, consumer goods scrap, defective plastic products and scrap thereof, technological waste – drainings, sweepings, runners, yarns, fibers
Main components:
Cutters with 4 cutting edges, extend the service life by 4 times
Interchangeable cutter holders
Adjustable counter cutters
The cutters are made of hardened high-alloy steel
Reinforced coating
Opening by means of pneumatic cylinders from both sides
Placed out of the crushing chamber
Rugged housing design
Low maintenance
Hydraulic pre-press
Teeth to prevent slippage of material
Segmented guides providing self-cleaning, and also preventing the material entering under the press movable parts
Hydraulic pre-press performs the function of supplying the treated material to the shaft; removable meshes allow to obtain the desired fraction size.
Drive unit
Gearbox with high torque
Mounted on anti-vibration holder
High-quality drive belt
Hydraulic transmission for motors
Hydraulic system
Completely housed in the machine casing
Air cooling system for continuous operation
Adjustable speed of the hydraulic pump
Control Panel
"Intelligent programs"
Automatic control of the shaft loading, which allows:
- In case of overload to avoid damage to the cutters and the motor by enabling auto-reverse
- Stopping the motor in case of "idling" operation

Two-shaft shredders
They are used for crushing of bulky waste.
All shredder assemblies are located and secured on a common frame: grinding block with drive unit, fractioning mesh, feeding hopper, electronic control system.
The shredding block consists of two shafts mounted in the housing on the self-aligning bearing assemblies rotating in opposite directions, which accommodate toothed disc cutters. Grinding discs of shredders are made of high-alloy heat treated steel. They do not require sharpening during operation and are designed for long life. Presence of mineral and metal impurities in the processed raw materials does not affect the work of the shredder and has no any consequences.
Electrical actuator is supplied with protection system that allows shredder to work on different materials. Reverse (backward travel) is automatically activated if foreign objects enter the work area, in case of overloading or jamming, which prevents failure of the main unit.

Classification screen
To obtain calibrated fraction the shredders are equipped with a classification screen installed under the grinding rolls. Structural shapes and sizes of the screen are determined by the manufacturer according to the customer's specifications.

Shredder and auxiliary machinery hydraulic system
Shredder is driven by the adjustable hydrostatic transmission and planetary gearbox.
Hydrostatic transmission consists of an adjustable axial piston pump and an adjustable axial piston motor.
The use of controlled hydrostatic transmissions of the shredder roll drive provides a number of advantages in comparison with the "classical" electro-mechanical drive:
1. Reduction of rated capacity of up to 50%
2. Increased efficiency of up to 60 - 80%
3. Guaranteed protection from falling objects not to be grinded
4. Functions of stopping the rolls under excessive load, reversing and starting to stroke “under backlog”

Shredder is equipped with one hydrostatic transmission, which moves the drive shaft. The driven shaft is moved by the drive shaft through a gear built in the grinding unit.
Shredder is equipped with two hydrostatic transmissions, each drives own shaft. Hydrostatic transmission is driven by electric or diesel motor.

Control system

Management is carried out by means of electronic systems based on programmable controller that allows you to control the shredder, to avoid critical operating conditions, as well as to monitor emergency situations.
The electronic control system controls the motor, performance of hydraulic pumps and motors, auxiliary machinery, auto reverse mode.

Shredder frame

The shredder frame design ensures its stability in operation, handling, and transportation.
For handling the shredder has hoisting frame elements.
The frame design allows its use on unprepared sites with even surface.
Shredder frame is designed to accommodate the hydraulic actuator, electronic control system, auxiliary machinery.
It is possible to develop a frame on the customer specifications.

Feeding hopper
Hopper design ensures accurate feeding of raw materials in the capture zone and grinding by rolls.
The following special versions of hopper are available:
•    For conveyor feeding of raw materials;
•    For manual loading raw materials;
•    With movable side wall;
Feeding hopper can be equipped with:
•    Cover, to avoid release of raw fragments;
•    Exhaust ventilation for bulk or hazardous materials;
•    Ventilation.

Optional equipment

Shredders can be equipped with optional equipment:
•    Belt and chain conveyors;
•    Feeders;
•    Magnetic separators;
•    and so on.
Optional equipment developed and manufactured by PC "RostPoliKraft" ("RPK") is designed for manufactured shredders so that it corresponds to:
•    characteristics of the raw material;
•    methods and speed of loading of raw materials;
•    shredder performance;
•    fraction of derived raw materials at the output;
•    and so on.
Accessories are not included in the basic delivery set and delivered separately on the basis of the agreed customer specifications.

Shredders made by "RostPoliKraft" Production Company are effective and reliable in operation, feature with simple design, easy installation and operation; they may be included in the in-line sorting conveyor lines, possibly modified in accordance with the specifications. Flexible pricing policy of the company will satisfy the customer.




Single-stage pelletizing machine

Sand Dryer

Versatile Mixer

Baling Presses

Equipment for processing plastic and glass

Spare parts for equipment

Ready solutions

heating-and-melting unit, 3 m long

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heating-and-melting unit, 4 m long

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АПН 5-метровый (60 кВт)

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double-screw heating-and-melting unit

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Two-stage linear articles forming machine 1EP-PI

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About company

The PC "Polimerstroy18" produces polymer-sandwich equipment for the processing of secondary polymers. The offered equipment has high productivity and reliability, exceeding existing analogues. Products manufactured on our equipment are widely used in construction and improvement. Dozens of completed and neglected production lines in various regions of Russia and the CIS make Polymerstroy18 a reliable partner and supplier of polymer sand blasting equipment.


Company Details

Do you want to open a successful business?

  • PC "Polimerstroy18" produces equipment for polymer sandwich products, products of a wide range of composite mixtures of polymer-glass, polymer-rubber, polymer-porcelain, etc. when producing a composite of 100% recycled material. The proposed polymer sanding equipment has high productivity, reliability, surpassing the existing analogues of other manufacturers, we offer a wide range, the price is quality.
  • Equipment for polymer sand tiles or other small-sized products is performed in full automatic mode, partially automatic or manual, at the request of the customer. Polymer sand production opens up the possibility to conduct a highly profitable small business, is a platform to support the environment in the event of questions on the recycling of secondary polymers in large enterprises as a separate business unit that turns a consumable item into a garbage disposal enterprise into a reliable and stable income.
  • Products made on polymer sanding equipment are widely used in construction and landscaping. Dozens of completed and neglected production lines in various regions of the Russian Federation, the CIS, the Far Abroad confirm the PC "Polimerstroy18" as a reliable partner, supplier of polymer equipment.

What we offer you

  • Completion of lines for the production of polymer sand tiles, polymer sand paving tiles, polymer sand sewer hatches and other products from equipment, both new and used.
  • Packing, Shipment from the factory, transportation of equipment.
  • Start-up and adjustment works, personnel training.
  • Provision of technology for manufacturing polymer sandwich products, mixtures.
  • Feasibility study, business plan, technical specifications for production of polymer sand tiles and tiles paving.
  • Formulation development
  • Development and manufacture of molds according to the technical task of the customer for production of roof tiles, facing tiles and other elements of improvement.
  • Warranty one year, post-warranty service for all polymer-sand equipment.

What will you get as a result

With the help of polymer equipment PC "Polimerstroy18" you can create a complete production cycle - from the preparation of raw materials to the finished product at a bargain price. This allows the production of a wide range of products:


  • - roofing materials
  • - road surface
  • - drainage
  • - garden


  • - feeding complexes
  • - floors, floorings
  • - drinking bowls, feeders

Mining industry

  • - shaft tightening


  • - Protective Cable Closure Cables in the Cable Sheath Trench
  • - cable protection sheaths
  • - cable trays
  • - Other products   allowing the use of composite materials
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