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Requirements for Production Site

For organization of the production line for manufacture of polymer-sand product, usually it is enough to take into account the following requirements:


just 2 people with the work of production in one shift

Polymeric raw materials

secondary polymers purchased at processing plants for recycling in your region, primary polymers are purchased from specialized suppliers


most often used a regular career or river sand

Pigments (dyes)

acquired at specialized trading companies and suppliers

Electrical power supply

a production area requires 380V power supply


required for mold cooling, can be used both running water from the water supply system, and recirculating with installation of a tank (if there is no water supply)

Industrial premises

in most cases, production requires space not exceeding 150 m²

Example of layout and location of the equipment

  1. Site of crushing and preparation of raw materials
  2. Site of preparing polymer-sand mixture to pressing
  3. Site of pressing polymer-sand mixture in products
  4. Site of cooling and prepositioning of finished products

Installation of equipment

Installation of polymer production equipment can be carried out independently by the Customer in compliance with the requirements issued by our company, as well as through consultation of our experts.

The best option is installation of equipment by our specialists within a few days if the site is prepared, the preparation of production site requirements for commissioning works are issued separately.

We provide services for commissioning, installation and training.


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