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Two-stage linear articles forming machine 1EP-PI

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The machine is designed for the manufacture of linear shaped mouldings of polymer-sand composite such as posts, bars, boards, pilings, etc. It incorporates two units operating as consecutive stages. At the first stage moulding compound is obtained on the basis of waste plastic as the binder and natural sand (or crushed glass or any other similar material) as the filler. At the second stage this composite paste is shaped with a ram extruder. Length, cross-section size and profile of the formed article is determined by the design of the press mould. The moulded articles can be both solid and hollowcore.

Once a press mould is filled with the composite paste it is disconnected from the ram extruder and put into a water cooling bath.
The machine design is customizable. It may come in a number of sizes and with compression force ranging from 100 t.  

Production capacity: depends on the dimensions and profile of a finished item, properties and proportions of the raw materials.  
-    Chiller (water cooling system)
-    Press mould extraction conveyor (to remove the moulds out of the bath)
-    Moulding ejection mechanism
-    Roll tables

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