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Polymer-sand products production is a highly profitable business

Polymer sand products manufactured on our equipment have regular geometric shapes, presentable appearance, composite material is evenly mixed and of high quality. After completing laboratory tests of composite material,the conclusions confirming high indicators on mechanical influence, deterioration, firmness to any corrosion, and aggressive chemical substances, absence of water absorption, high impact strength, a wide range of operating temperatures from -50 to +70 ° C are received.

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PC Polimerstroy18 is a full-cycle enterprise with polymer sand production for manufacturing:

polymer-sand paving tiles

polymer-sand roof tiles

polymer-sand sewer manholes

polymer-sand sewer wells

and other polymer-sand products.

The polymer-sand composition

Advantages of our products

Finished products

Of high quality composites confirmed by certificates and laboratory tests

Large volumes

High performance, large volumes produced on PC equipment Polymerstroy18


Presentable appearance, correct geometric shapes, high service life.

The polymer-sand composition

The polymer-sand composition is a material made from recycled plastic as a binder and a quartz sand as a filler. It is an alternative to traditional materials such as: cast iron, concrete or brick. This material has an impressive number of important benefits, some of them:


service life of articles made of polymer and sand material for over 100 years

high impact resistance

which helps to avoid deformation and damage during transport and installation works


polymer-sand products weigh in several times less than their cement similar items


low cost

high degree of resistance

to environmental influence (such items are indifferent to sudden temperature changes, UV rays, humidity)

absolute environmental friendliness

plastic, construction sand and ksitel '- absolutely not active and harmless to people

All products manufactured on equipment and in premises of PC Polimerstroy18 are regularly tested for quality characteristics listed above that is confirmed by certificates. We monitor quality of polymer products produced.

Having our own production program allows us to create warehouse program for products, to maintain shipment on incoming orders in short terms, to make delivery of the order to the designated location on time.

You can familiarize with all products produced on the polymer-equipment on the shop floor of PC Polimerstroy18, make an order when visit the website

The entire range of molds for manufacturing of such products is presented in the "Molds" section



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