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Spare parts for equipment

  • We manufacture and supply spare parts to the equipment of our own production, provide services for production of spare parts for equipment of the third-party production.
  • We produce spare parts according to customer drawings, samples provided.
  • We accept orders for manufacturing of spare parts on an ongoing basis.

Spare parts for polymer-sand equipment

Spare parts and additional accessories for equipment producing polymer-sand (composite) products:
  • Adapter plates for presses
  • Hydraulic stations for presses
  • Control cabinets
  • Blades for screws
  • Screw assemblies (for 3,4,5-meter heating-and-melting unit)
  • Optional punches (tile pattern)
  • Pushers for molds
  • Pressure loads for any product, if necessary
  • Additional mesh for crushers ø 4 -100
  • Set of knives for crushers of the entire lineup


Procedure of Shipping Parts (Spare Parts)

The spare parts are shipped to any legal entity (individual entrepreneur) by any means of transport by the transport company delivering goods under availability of the contract of sale of equipment for which spare parts purchased.

It is necessary to send to the address of the PC Polimerstroy18 an application with necessary details, contract number and date of making, name of the Buyer by e-mail or fax having indicated the contact information.


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