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Use of crumb rubber

Flexibility offered by the technology and equipment capabilities allow you to use various materials in the mixture as binder base and filler. As filler you can use silica sand, crushed glass, any small fraction screenings, and also crumb rubber from recycling tires.

Car tires are made of rubber, which belongs to the group of thermosetting materials (thermosets), they cannot be used again for the manufacture of similar products, given the volume of the vehicle fleet in the world, the problem of disposing tires with terminated life is quite urgent.

Currently there are technologies to produce coatings of various kinds on the basis of crumb rubber on the adhesive-related basis. Such coatings have been widely spread due to their properties (absorbing surface, reduced risk of injury, high wear resistance) in sports facilities, playgrounds and paving areas. Thus, depending on the coating and method of applying the adhesive base consumption may be within the range of 20-45%, which in some cases leads to a significant rise in the cost of 1m2.

Equipment proposed by our company under condition of suitable choice of a technological mode allows to obtain a composite mixture based on the crumb rubber bound by polymer base, similar to polymer-sand mixture. This mixture is molded in the cooled molds.

The advantage of such a process for producing is a lower cost based on 1 kg of the finished product, because recycled plastic are used as binder bases not specialized adhesives, that are cheaper and more available to purchase.

Also, the polymer base may be mixed and contaminated to a certain degree that in small volumes does not affect the physical and mechanical properties of the resulting product, in addition to the advantages of the method producing products include the short time the product forming in the mold. Depending on the weight and size of the product an average time lies in the range of 40-60 seconds, whereas the curing time of the finished product during forming using classical methods typically is about 15 minutes in hot forming, and up to several hours in a cold molding.

Currently, our company can offer you shredders for recycling tires with textile and metal cord, ready technological equipment of a full cycle for the finished product on the basis of the crumb rubber.


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