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Single-stage pelletizing machine

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A single-stage pelletizing machine is used for processing of waste PE, PP polymers to obtain pellets. Initial raw materials are crushed or agglomerated wastes such as crushed pipes, boxes, gates, agglomerate film, PP bags. Pelletizing line consists of extruder, bath for cooling strands, strand cutter, control cabinet.

Possible scope of delivery: versatile crusher for hard and foil wastes, storage hoppers for pellets, pneumatic transportation system. A single-stage pelletizing machine is an optimal solution to obtain pure pellets further used in manufacturing of plastic products by molding or extrusion.

  • Availability of frequency converters on the extruder, forced feed on hopper, strands cutting units.

  • Screw and cylinder are made of steel with nitrated surface.

  • Thermal controls in heated zones.

  • Extruder screw is provided with two zones of compression and mixing.

  • Cylinder with two degassing zones.

  • Strand head with heating elements.

  • Two-section slide-type strainer replaced using the hydraulic drive.

  • Adjustable speed of the strand cutter.

  • Software.
Rated power of all installed power consumers (kW) 42.8
Screw diameter (mm) 70
Screw motor power (kW) 18.5
Fans cooling the raw material cylinder (ea) 2
Fans power (kW) 0.75 x 2
Number of holes in strand head (ea) 11
Extruder heating power (kW) 18
Head heating power (kW) 3.3
Cutter power for cutting pellets (kW)
Rotational speed, rpm
Granule size, length x width, mm 3x5
Power supply 380 V / 50 Hz AC / 3 Ph
Rotational speed, rpm 1500
Estimated productivity (kg/h) 90-100
Cylindrical reducer type 1Ц2У-250-12,5-12

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