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single-roll hydraulic shredder ps18.001.00.000

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Shredder PS18.001.00.000 is an economical and versatile shredder, capable of processing a wide range of materials: ABS, PE, PP, PET, PC,, plastic pipes, plastic boxes, gates, various items of consumer goods.

Single-roll shredder with hydraulic press plate provides greater efficiency of the grinding material. The load on the chopping roll is applied automatically, allows to achieve a high degree of grinding process. Low noise in operation, low power consumption. Shredder cutters are made of high quality tool steel. Interchangeable 4-edge cutters are fixed on the roll; two fixed cutters are mounted on the housing. If one edge of a cutter becomes blunt you need to turn it by its sharpened edge and continue to work. Thanks to this design the service life of each chopper cutter increases 4 times.

Fractional mesh cell diameter is from 20 to 100 mm depending on the desired fraction size and processed material.
LengthxWidthxHeight 2500x1560x1804 mm
Hopper charging opening 960x780 mm
Pre-press stroke 600 mm
Material discharge height 670 mm
Roll diameter (without cutters / with cutters) 250/300 mm
Cutter on roll, 40x40x29 mm 60
Power 15 kW
Hydraulic motor without pre-press 2,2 kW
Shredder weight (without hydraulic unit) 2,110 kg
Fraction size at output from 20 to 100 mm

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