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Manufacturing capabilities

Engineering-and-Design and Experimental Department

The existing engineering and technical base allows to perform development activity in terms of design, manufacture of non-standard equipment, other equipment, tooling.

Custom-made equipment using the client drawings.

Designing and manufacturing of equipment for the customer's specifications.

Machining services.

We provide a full range of:

Engineering support and coordination of the project and Requirement Specification.

Preparation and development of design documentation (DD).

Production of equipment.

Testing and running the equipment.

Installation and commissioning works.

Warranty and post-warranty service.

We provide machining.

We carry out orders of varying complexity in a short time.

We accept placing orders for products having an experienced, finely-serial, serial nature.

Machining department

It offers mold production

Design and manufacture of molds is carried out by qualified staff on high-tech equipment. Order execution is monitored at each stage of production.


RPK «Rostpolikraft» produces various kinds of industrial equipment, performs machining parts. The range of manufactured equipment includes dies for cold sheet-metal forming, molds for plastic and rubber products, molds for manufacturing of composites, various types of tooling.

Acceptance of the mold is carried out by the representative of the Customer and includes tests at our facilities.

To begin the work we need information about the parts to be manufactured.

Customer should provide: 3D-model, drawing, pattern or photograph of the product.

On the basis of information about the part and requirements of the Customer the Requirement Specifications are agreed.

According to the approved RS we prepare design documentation for mold and produce it.

The finished mold is checked against the drawings.

By results of inspection the technical inspection certificate for tooling is compiled.

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