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Recycling of Polymers

Waste of polymers make up about 12% of all household waste. In one year, it produced almost 800 million tons of plastic waste in Russia, most of which is stored in landfills, and only about 10% is recycled. The most effective way of disposing of waste of polymer production including polyethylene, - it is their recycling and reprocessing.

Processing and recycling of secondary polymers

Re-use of polymers for manufacture of building materials - this is a relatively new area of processing of secondary polymers. Composition for manufacture of a composite mixture of polymer-sand products includes sand (or other filler), polymer and a dye. Lines for production of polymer-sand product can be set for manufacture of various materials, such as tiles, paving slabs, paving stones, etc. It is effective to allocate the line where there is access to cheap polymer feedstock (for example, plastics factory or landfill).

Polymer recycling and production of polymer-sand complex equipment is a specialty of our company.

Recycling plastics, polyethylene, composition materials

Sources of polymeric materials may be companies that produce plastic products and have rejected items, as well as places of collection and sorting of plastic waste (polyethylene, plastic, composition materials).

In the first stage of processing the secondary raw materials are being prepared for charging into the extruder. For this plastic waste is crushed or, in the case of polyethylene, it is agglomerated. Crushers exist for all types of polymers such as soft (polyethylene) and rigid (plastic). The resulting secondary raw materials are used as part of a composite polymer mixture for the production of polymer-sand products. The quality of products depends on the raw material – to ensure high quality it is recommended to use a homogeneous polymers having similar melting temperatures. Recycled polymeric raw materials (granules) are also to be sold to other organizations.

Disposal of plastic production waste

Plastic waste is divided into waste of polymer production and household waste. Household waste usually are hard to dispose as they are heavily polluted. It is the most cost-effective to process clean production waste (defective products, trimming), which do not require sorting. Installation of line for production of polymer-sand building materials helps to solve the issue of disposal of polymers at the enterprise, as well as not have to pay for the disposal of waste and to make a profit.

Disposal of polymers is of great ecological importance, because the polymers decomposition process in the natural environment takes for more than 100 years and has a negative impact on the environment.

Equipment for recycling of polymers

Has your company a problem on recycling of plastic waste? PC "Polimerstroy18" is ready to offer the equipment for recycling of polymers and processing them in a wide range of construction materials. Polymer products (tiles, slabs, paving stones) are widely used in construction and landscaping and are in steady demand. Starting the processing line is not only the best solution to the problem of waste polymers but also highly profitable business.

PC "Polimerstroy18" offers cooperation to companies that face the problem of recycling of polymers!


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