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Principle of work of crushers for plastic

To dispose of solid household plastic waste, defective industrial products and cuttings, they must be crushed. This operation is economically and effectively performed by rotary crushers for plastic of the IPR series, which produces and sells PC "Polimerstroy18".

Device and principle of operation

Structurally, the plastic crusher consists of a casing on the frame with a secure attachment to the floor, a loading hopper that folds down while servicing the equipment, a rotor installed in the casing on the bearings, and an electric motor that transmits rotation to the rotor by means of a V-belt drive. At the bottom of the crusher is a grate, which controls the output of the fraction of the required size.

Mechanical grinding of plastic waste is ensured by knives firmly fixed on the frame and on the rotor. At the same time, the working edges of the rotary knives act according to the guillotine principle - the cutting force moves from the extreme point of the obliquely cut blade to its entire length. As a result, the productivity of the plant is increased, and the engine is operated with the maximum efficiency.

Raw Materials and Productivity

The range of light, medium, heavy IPR crushers (plastic rotary crushers) efficiently processes plastic sheets and films, foamed materials, gates, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers, solid thick-walled containers.

The increased rigidity of the structure allows loading large articles and fragments into the receiving hopper.

Depending on the specific model of the crusher and the properties of the waste, the plant grinds from 50 to 1000 kg of plastic per hour.



Thanks to the economical reliable design, extended equipment and special delivery conditions, the purchase of crushers manufactured by PC "Polimerstroy18" is especially advantageous:

Price /quality

the products are optimal in terms of price-quality ratio


The basic models are always in stock


all IPR crushers provide high productivity, high quality grinding, low specific energy consumption


the design is particularly strong

Lack of overheating

The blades on the rotor and the frame are arranged in such a way that the grinder does not overheat and can work 24 hours a day without water cooling

Safe operation

safe operation is combined with easy cleaning of the remains of crushed plastic, convenient replacement of the grating and working knives, as well as precise adjustment of the distance between the blades

Warranty period

the warranty period of the products is 12 months

Package Contents

Plastic grinders are supplied with grilles, a set of knives and necessary spare parts

Optional Devices

at the request of the customer, the units are additionally supplied with special devices, including a loading conveyor, pneumatic conveying


Before purchasing, you can test the equipment on the customer's shipping material to confirm the performance of the selected model.


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