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Configuration of the set

Heating-and-melting unit APN-400 with variable frequency drive

1 pc.

Hydraulic press D2430

1 pc.

Production capacity of the BASIC set is increased in relation to that of ECONOMY set. It allows to widen the range of polymer-sand products. First, the use of a hydraulic press with a bigger bed and higher generated compaction force provides for the manufacture of:
- the bigger articles;
- the thinner articles;
- the same size but lighter weight articles
- the articles with a more complex configuration.

Second, APN-400 comes with a higher output compared to APN-300 which also contributes to the enhanced production capacity of the line.

The choice of a press mold is defined by such features of a press as the generated compression force, size of the table and slide stroke length.

Plastic raw material preparation involves size reduction performed with either crushers or shredders, agglomerators and compactors which are the auxiliary units and are not included in this set.

Such auxiliary machines as pneumatic conveyors, screw conveyors, tubular drag chain conveyors cyclone-hoppers facilitate the production process significantly.

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