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Agglomerator APR

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  • Treating PE, PP, PA.
  • High performance
  • Thermal insulation based on advanced technologies to reduce heat loss up to 30%
  • Reverse movement of cutters - longer lifetime
  • Reliable design, ease of operation and maintenance
  • Low costs
  • High quality of derived agglomerate
  • Soft motor start
  • Safety
  • 1 year warranty, post-warranty service

APR-15 APR-22 APR-30 APR-55
1 Capacity, kg/h 50 70-100 100-120 170-200
2 Motor power, kW 15 22 30 55
3 Number of cutters 4 6 6 8
4 Rotor speed 1500 rpm 1500 rpm 1500 rpm 1500 rpm
5 Working chamber diameter 510 mm 600 mm 720 mm 900 mm
6 Working body volume 270 l 380 l 420 l 450 l
7 Weight 600 kg 720 kg 1,200 kg 1,976 kg
8 Dimensions (LxWxH), m 1.4x0.65x1.0 1.6x0.7x1.3 1.8x0.8x1.5 2092x860x1830

APR–55. Technical Data:

Recyclable materials LDPE, HDPE, PP, stretch and etc.
Capacity 170-200 kg/h (without preliminary crushing, depends on material)
Motor power 55 kW
Agglomerator design Agglomerator can be disassembled to individual units: removable hopper and feeding tube, collapsible bearing assembly, removable plates with the motor
Housing 450 liters, thickness of body walls is 8 mm. Flap-over cover. Shutter is of mechanical type. The shutter can be fitted with hydraulic cylinder – the customer option. Two rotors, each rotor has two cutters. The cutters are double-sided sharpened. Two slitting cutters. Two stationary cutters.
Rotor speed 1500 rpm
Dimensions, mm Height 1830, Width 860, Length 2092
Weight 1,976 kg

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