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When you purchase the polymer-sand equipment resin complete with automatic or semi-automatic mode, then hoppers-mixers-dispensers are applied to download the prepared mixture into the heating-and-melting unit (extruder). The margin of error of the dispenser is up to 1% of the mass fraction of the prepared mixture components.

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Tubular chain conveyor is used to transport bulk materials within the area for production of the composite mixture. Such a system is characterized by high productivity, flexibility, lower power consumption compared with other alternatives available on the market.

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It is a vertical chain conveyor with buckets, which continuous movement provides continuous material lift in the rectangular tube. The material is picked up by the buckets in the bottom, moved vertically and discharged through the pipe in the horizontal direction at the top of the bucket chain.

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Conveyor with adjustable tilt angle is used when loading materials from one tier to another. The conveyor may be manufactured in a stationary or mobile execution. The conveyor may be equipped with: reverse, adjustable belt speed, protective skirting.

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Cyclone-hoppers are mounted on pneumatic conveying systems for separation of air. Volume, height of the cyclone legs are agreed with the customer. We produce cyclones and storage hoppers on the customer's specifications.

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PC Polimerstroy18 produces pneumatic transport systems for bulk materials, shredded or granular polymers.

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When complete production lines of composite materials, on request, we provide the feed conveying systems for raw materials contributing to improve the process of charging and saving production cycle time.


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