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Recycling of glass and plastic

The result of any production and consumption is the occurrence of waste in different forms, the question is what to do with this waste in the future?

Technology of production of composite materials on the basis of secondary polymers as binders for the glass filler mass. A special feature of this technology is the ability to produce marketable products, made of 100% recycled fiber content.

Binder polymer base



Obtained on the basis of composite materials the products are in direct competition with the cement-based products, while the technology has an advantage due to ability to use virtually all types of recycled plastic, which can be plasticized by heating (PP, PE, ABS, LDPE, HDPE, etc.). The technology also allows usage of "mixed" dirty, ply plastics, foil types of packaging plastics.


River bank-run silica sand


Screenings of ore mining and processing enterprises of different factions, glass, porcelain, pottery, etc.

An additional advantage of the technology is the ability to use the materials being waste as filler and to replace sand. Thus, using ground glass or mining and processing wastes instead of sand we can get a commodity product, made of 100% recycled materials. Also, as in the case of sand, certain degree of inclusions of foreign, non-critical size fraction and chemical activity is allowed.

Within this technology, we can produce a wide range of products with different applications. Quality of the raw materials used affects the properties of the resulting material, but high flexibility of the technology allows you to choose for each type of raw material suitable formulation, to expand the range of products that will satisfy their end consumer.


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