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Shredding device

PC "RostPolyKraft" ("PKK") is a manufacturer of equipment for the processing of plastic waste - single-rotor and twin-rotor shredders

Single-rotor shredders


High performance. Low power consumption

Are intended for processing of various polymeric wastes:

  • LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PET & nbsp; etc. & nbsp; their composites,
  • Breakage of consumer goods, Scrap and waste of plastic products, technological waste -
  • plums, estimates, gates, threads, fibers

Consist of :


  • Knives with 4 cut edges, & nbsp; increase service life 4 times
  • Replaceable knife holders
  • Adjustable counter knives
  • Knives made of hardened high-alloy steel


  • Reinforced cover
  • Opening with pneumatic cylinders on 2 sides
  • Serviceability


  • The knot is removed from the crushing chamber
  • Robust housing design
  • Minimal maintenance

Hydraulic subpressor

  • Teeth to prevent slippage of material
  • Segmented guides that provide self-cleaning, and so
  • preventing material from falling under the moving parts of the press
  • Hydraulic under the presser performs the function of feeding & nbsp; material to the rotor, & nbsp; Replaceable grids allow you to obtain the required fraction size.


  • Reducer with high torque
  • Mounted on an antivibration clip
  • High quality drive belt
  • Hydraulic transmission for engines

Hydraulic system

  • Fully housed in the body of the machine
  • Air cooling system for continuous operation
  • Adjustable hydraulic pump speed

Control Panel

  • "Intellectual programs"
  • Automatic load monitoring on the rotor, which allows:
    • avoid overloading the knives and the engine by turning on the auto-reverse
    • engine stop when idling

Two-rotor shredders


They are used for grinding large-sized waste.

All knots of shredders are located and fixed on a single frame: grinding unit with drive, grating-classifier, loading hopper, & nbsp; electronic control system.

The grinding unit is two & nbsp; rotor installed in the body on self-aligning bearing assemblies, rotating towards each other on which disc tooth-blades are collected. Grinding disks & nbsp; shredders are made of high-alloy steel with heat treatment, do not require sharpening during operation and are designed for long service life, content in the processed & nbsp; raw mineral and metal impurities do not affect the shredder's work process and occurs without any consequences.

The electric drive is equipped with a protection system, which allows & nbsp; Shredder work on different materials, with & nbsp; hit of foreign objects in the working area, overload, jamming & nbsp; the reverse (reverse) is automatically turned on, which does not allow the main node to fail.

Lattice - classifier

To obtain a calibrated fraction, the shredders are equipped with a classifier grid installed under the grinding rolls. The design forms and parameters of the grids are determined by the manufacturer according to the technical task of the customer.

Hydraulic drive shredder and auxiliary mechanisms

Shredders are driven by adjustable hydrostatic transmissions and planetary gears. Hydrostatic transmissions consist of an adjustable axial-piston hydraulic pump and an adjustable axial-piston hydraulic motor.

The use of adjustable hydrostatic transmissions of the shredder roll drive offers a number of advantages over the "classical" electromechanical:

  1. Reduction of the installed capacity to 50%
  2. Increase productivity to & nbsp; 60 - 80%
  3. Guaranteed protection against hitting non-crushing objects
  4. Stopping rolls with excessive loading, reversing and starting in the working stroke "under the rubble"

Shredders are equipped with one hydrostatic transmission, which leads the drive shaft. The driven shaft is driven from the drive shaft by means of a built-in gear grinder.

Shredders & nbsp; equipped with two hydrostatic transmissions, each of which carries out the drive of its shaft. The drive of hydrostatic transmissions is carried out by an electric or diesel engine.

Control System

Management is carried out through the electronic system & nbsp; based on a programmable controller, which allows you to manage the shredder, prevent critical operating modes, and monitor emergency situations.

The electronic control system manages the engine, the performance of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, & nbsp; auxiliary mechanisms, automatic mode & nbsp; reverse.

Shredder frame

The construction of the frame shredder ensures its stability during operation, loading and unloading, transportation. For loading and unloading & nbsp; The shredder frame has load gripping elements.

The frame design allows you to install it on unprepared platforms with a flat surface. The frame of the shredder is made with the possibility of locating the hydraulic drive, electronic control system, auxiliary mechanisms. It is possible to develop a frame according to the technical task of the customer.

Bunker Boot

The design of the bunkers ensures accurate supply of raw materials & nbsp; in the zone of gripping and grinding by rolls.

Special bins are supplied:

  • For loading raw materials by a conveyor;
  • To load raw materials in manual mode
  • With moving side wall;

The hopper can be completed with:

  • Cover, to prevent the release of debris from the raw materials;
  • Extraction ventilation, for loose or harmful raw materials;
  • Fresh air ventilation.

Additional equipment

Shredders can be equipped with additional equipment:

  • belt and chain conveyors;
  • feeders;
  • magnetic separators;
  • and others.

Additional equipment for the development and manufacturing of PC "RostPolyKraft" ("RPK").

Designed for the produced shredders:

  • in accordance with the parameters of raw materials;
  • ways and speed of loading of raw materials;
  • the productivity of shredders;
  • fraction of the obtained raw material at the outlet;
  • and others.

The additional equipment is not included in the basic equipment and is delivered separately on the basis of the agreed technical specification of the customer.

Shredders of PC "RPK" & nbsp; Effective and reliable in operation, & nbsp; simplicity of design, installation and operation; can be included in the on-line sorting & nbsp; conveyor lines, possibly modified according to the specification. Flexible pricing policy of the company & nbsp; will satisfy the customer.


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