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Versatile Mixer SU-1

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Versatile mixer is designed for bulk materials with different fractional degree of humidity up to 10%. The main purpose of the mixer is to prepare raw materials (sand, resin, pigment) for polymer-sand technology. The mixer provides uniform and rapid mixing of all components in a short time.

By its performance the mixer is designed for use in the polymer-sand production with medium and high productivity.

Technical Data

1. Overall dimensions:
  Length 2054 mm.  
  Height 1570 mm.
  Width 960 mm.
  Hopper volume 1 m3 
  Weight 1000 kg.
2. Principal of operation  screw drive 
3. Type of transmission  V-belt drive 
4. Type of gearbox  1Ts2U-160-20-12U1 
5. Motor  5АМХ132S6 U3 IM 1081 IP54 
6. Mixing time 2 min. 
7. Type of control  semi-automatic 


Versatile mixer is made in a form of welded base frame with hopper designed for loading of raw materials fixed on the base frame. The hopper is equipped with flip-top lid designed for loading of raw materials, as well as the lower window opening for discharging the prepared mass.

            The process of mixing the components inside the hopper is carried out by the rotation of the shaft with the blades located in the hopper. Blades ensure engagement and turning of the loaded components.

            The shaft with blades is driven by the electric motor mounted in the lower part of the frame. Torque from the engine is transmitted to the shaft through the gearbox. The motor is connected to the input shaft of the gearbox by means of V-belt drive, the gearbox output shaft is connected to the shaft through the coupling.

            The mixer is operated in semi-automatic mode. Loading and unloading of raw materials is carried out manually. The main controls are located on the mixer control cabinet. Optionally, in case of availability of the production line automation system the mixer could be run in automatic mode (requires additional hardware).

  Смеситель универсальный 0,5м3   Смеситель универсальный 1м3
  1800×1000×900 мм   2054×1570×960 мм
Привод   5,5 кВт   5,5 кВт.
V рабочий
  0,5 м3   1 м3

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