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Wood-polymer composite

In the world market today, the material is widely distributed, not distinguishable from the tree in appearance and even to the touch, but possessing all the best properties of plastic - Wood-Polymer Composite (otherwise called DPC, liquid wood, wood-plastic). The material uniquely combines the aesthetic properties of wood with the manufacturability and durability of plastic.

The first production of the WPK was launched in Sweden in 1977. The experience was not very successful - the demand was not significant, and the deterioration of the process equipment was very high. Developments in the field of the KDP resumed only in the <90s years, but immediately in several countries: Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Holland, Japan and the USA.

The main product of the WPC production was a deck (deck) board - decking. The most widespread it has acquired in countries in which the lifestyle of the main part of the population assumes the presence of terraces for recreation in the house. Residents of Italy, the United States, and Germany appreciated the aesthetics and properties of the board from the KDP, allowing the terrace to be designed, no longer thinking about coloring, material damage from the effects of precipitation and phenomena, creaking and decay of floorboards.

The production of KDP is environmentally friendly, which is important in modern conditions. KDP is 70% of wood or straw flour, derived from the remains of the woodworking industry. Wood flour is mixed with the polymer (polyethylene), evenly stained and extruded into extrusion into a board shape. DPKne does not and does not emit harmful substances, which is also of great importance for the comfortable use of products in private construction.

The advantages of a quality terraced board from the KDP in front of the tree are obvious:

  • Low moisture absorption, as a result of which there is practically no deformation of products under natural conditions.
  • High resistance to damage and UV decay. Thanks to the coloring throughout the thickness, the board is practically not subject to discoloration.
  • High strength (reinforced board withstands the weight of a car and can be used including in garages and parking places).
  • Moderate fire resistance.
  • Low expansion factor, stable geometry.
  • Low thermal conductivity: it does not burn in the sun and frost, it has the properties of thermal conductivity of natural wood.
  • Resistance to decay, mold, fungi, cracking and splitting.
  • After laying does not require special treatment and painting, maintenance costs
  • Has the appearance and aesthetics of natural wood, is also processed easily
  • It is recyclable after use by 100%.
  • It has no defects (knots, crevices), the corrugated structure prevents slipping even with a wet surface.

Working with a terrace board

  • Work with a terraced board as easily as with a natural tree, this does not require special tools. For best results, use saws with fewer teeth (eg 18 - 24 for 45 cm blades).
  • Any self-tapping screws, preferably of stainless steel or with an anti-corrosion coating, are suitable for working with DPC to match the durability of a terraced board from the KDP.
  • Due to its properties, a terrace board made of DPC is suitable for facing outside and inside premises, except for unventilated rooms with high humidity.

Guarantees and use

Сертификат соответствия ДПК The warranty service life of products from the KDP is 10 years, the estimated service life is not less than 50 years, even in harsh weather conditions. When using the products, remember that 70% of the products are made of natural wood and require appropriate treatment.

The use of decking from the KDP significantly saves money in the future, because they are unpretentious, not subject to parasites, putrefaction, fading and deformation. Initially, flooring from the KDP will be more expensive than flooring from inexpensive wood species, but after several years due to lack of maintenance and additional processing, the prices of decking will be comparable, while the appearance of the flooring from the KDP will be unchanged throughout the entire service life.

Caring for products WPK is simple: washing with water from a hose (maximum - using a brush).

The TPC board is moisture resistant, so dirt and debris do not stick to it.

Application of WPC

Products from WPC are widely used:

  • The terrace board is suitable for outdoor terraces, balconies, gazebos, in the areas around swimming pools, on private verandas and verandas of hotels, restaurants and clubs, for finishing piers and so on.
  • The garden parquet looks good in the winter gardens, on the balconies, for laying out the garden paths.
  • Wall panels are used both for finishing external facades of buildings, and find application in design solutions for finishing offices, shops, restaurants, clubs and so on.
  • Shops, fences, arbours from the KDP are used both in the private sector, and in parks, on quays, on public public areas.


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