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Drum type

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Rotary dryer for drying sand with capacity of 2-3 t/h

The drum type dryers are designed to remove moisture from bulk materials.   The drum-type sand dryers optionally are equipped with system of automated loading and unloading of material, conveyors, frequency drive to adjust temperature and rotation of the drum, feature to change parameters of drying, performance.

Semi-automatic system:

1) Manual frequency control of the drum rotation.
2) Manual frequency control of the drum aspiration fan rotation (adjusting the volume of air passing through the drum).
3) Warning signal about low temperature inside the drying drum, automatic disconnection of heating at high temperature in the drum.

Automatic system:

It provides semi-automatic function, additionally provides automatic feeding and unloading the dryer drum.

Delivery set:

1.    Feed chamber
2.    Drying drum
3.    Discharge chamber
4.    Heating unit
5.    Metal frame
6.    Drum drive
7.    Control unit

Dry material capacity, t/h 2-3
Original sand humidity, % 7
Final sand humidity, % 0,2
Pipe diameter 530 mm
Drum number of revolutions, rpm 55
El. motor power 5 kW
Supply voltage, V 220/380
Gearbox 1Ts2U 160
Airflow of any heat gun (electric, working on spent fuel, etc.) is set independently.  
Weight, kg 1900
Dimensions, mm 5000х1200х1600

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