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About company

PC "Polimerstroy18" Now RPK «Rostpolikraft» since 2002 has been integrated in the design and supply of complete production lines for the manufacture of a wide range of products based on composite materials (polymer-sand, polymer-glass, polymer-rubber, polymer-porcelain, etc.)

Years of experience in the design and manufacture of equipment for the technology in question led to exceptional quality and reliability indicators, finding implementation both in manufactured production equipment and finished product got on this equipment.

Proof of this are the dozens started and successfully operated production lines in Russia, CIS and far abroad.

RPK «Rostpolikraft» carries out a full cycle of production:

  • Introduction of new technology solutions provides the greatest economic benefit, improve technical and economic indicators and operational properties while improving efficiency, provides maximum performance, durability and high utility returns. Resistance of individual units operating under conditions of using an abrasive filler and process automation reduce the negative impact of the human factor.
  • Engineering calculations are done using a computer model; in production modern equipment and tools are used allowing to obtain a final product of high quality meeting all the requirements laid down and performance. Quality control, testing parameters of product at each stage allows you to maintain the quality of products at the maximum level. The finished product having passed all stages of inspection is a condition for obtaining effective and quality products, which will have high reliability, performance and efficiency.
  • We are trusted
  • Many years of experience in production of polymer-sand (composite) materials
  • Own production
  • We value the reputation

By using our equipment, you can organize production of the following types of products:

  • Polymer-sand products

Equipment manufactured by the RPK «Rostpolikraft» has a complete cycle from preparation of raw materials to the finished product, it allows to produce a wide range of materials:

  1. Construction:
    • roofing materials
    • road pavement
    • drainage system components
    • products for fruit and vegetable gardens
  2. Agriculture
    • fattening complexes
    • flooring, decking
    • drinkers, feeders
  3. Ore and Mining Industry
    • shaft lagging
  4. Energy sector
    • Plate closing cables in a trench
    • Protective housing for cables
    • Cable trays
  5. Products for the needs of Russian Railways;
  6. Any products used in various industries allowing the use of a composite material

Our advantages:

  • Engineering and technological design.
  • An integrated approach to the implementation of projects.
  • Production of technology equipment for composite materials.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Optimal ratio of price and quality of our services.
  • Optimal timing of work of any complexity.
  • Individual work with each of our clients.
  • Warranty on all types of equipment - 1 year!
  • Unlimited after-sales service!
  • Free advice on the operation of the equipment.
  • Rapid response to the customer and visit by our specialists.
  • Work on the entire territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS.
  • Quality certificates for produced equipment.

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