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Installation of road pavement and stormwater ducts

Laying of polymer tiles, pavers and curbs

Polymer-sand pavers are laid on sand, crushed stone or concrete bases.

In general, the following technique is recommended

Технология укладки полимерпесчаных изделий
  1. Take out turf to a depth of about 15 cm.
  2. Plan the surface to be paved, taking into account technological slope for water drainage.
  3. Dense surface of the subgrade.
  4. Make trenches for curbstone.
  5. Ram trenches and dump 5cm of sand on the bottom.
  6. Place curbs in the trenches on the concrete pad.
  7. Lay geotextiles (used to prevent deformation of roadbed on weak and heaving soils.
  8. Dump the surface to be paved with gravel fraction of 5-20mm with layer thickness of 10-20 cm (subject to vehicle arrival), level gravel surface with layer of prepared sand and gravel mixture, followed by moistening the surface with water and ram. In no heaving soils without arrival of trucks it is permissible dumping large, moist sand layer of 10-15 cm.

  9. Option 1 - dumping gravel-packed moist layer of sand 5 cm, followed by alignment using rail.

    Option 2 - dumping gravel-packed sand-cement mixture layer of 2-3 cm (composition sand / cement of 1: 3)

    Option 3 - provided the arrival of a large transport on top of gravel level lay the concrete pad with reinforcing mesh

    Option 4 - on private land it is allowed to lay tiles directly on the compacted soil, or on the sand cushion with thickness of 2-3 cm.
  10. Plates are laid on the sub-base and rammed by vibratory compactor or manually by mallets.
  11. On the surface of the laid plates dump wet sand without cement and distribute it over the slots.

  13. The laid surface is thoroughly cleaned of sand residues and spills along the slots with a little water amount from watering to moisten the sand or sand-cement bed.

Installation of stormwater ducts for surface drainage

Installation of stormwater ducts includes the following main stages:

  1. You must plan and mark the area for installation of surface drainage system, after which prepare trench for laying storm trays. The depth of the trench is chosen with a margin based on the height of the installed tray, the subsequent compaction of soil on the bottom of the trench and laying of sand-cement substrate.
  2. After preparation of the trench at its bottom lay the sand-cement substrate, followed by humidification, the densified substrate thickness is of 7 - 10 cm.
  3. On the prepared substrate set the storm tray on the center of the trench.
  4. After installation of the tray into the trench fill the gaps between the walls of the trench and the tray with moistened sand-cement mixture, when laying the mixture is thickened.
  5. The final stage of the stormwater duct installation is to install the tray grille.

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