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Recycling as a business

Developed countries have long understood how to do business on garbage. But about garbage as a business in Russia began to think recently, since the signing by the President of the Russian Federation of amendments to the law on production and consumption waste.

Waste recycling as a business

is Actually well developed now only the transportation of waste in large cities. But sorting, preparing, and directly processing for further reuse is much worse.
If you want to find a new business idea, recycling can be just such an interesting business. First, you need to understand how to build a business on garbage from scratch: where you want to get garbage, what process to do. The ideal solution may be a small cottage village or a mini-factory. If you offer a minimum price for garbage collection, consumers will be happy to cooperate with you.
The village will give you different types of garbage if you decide to sort and resell it in the future. The niche of garbage sorting stations, as a business in Russia, is the least developed link. There is less competition, but there are certain risks, because you are dependent on both " garbage suppliers "and receivers of already re-sorted"goods". Therefore, it is important to think carefully about the business plan for recycling. You may need to add partial processing to the sorting process. Compact processing equipment is currently in high demand. For example, lines for processing the same plastic. More uniform raw materials will give you cooperation with a private mini-factory. So you will be able to recycle some trash.

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