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Recyclable plastic | RPK Rostpolikraft

Waste recyclinglong worried about the developed world. After all, it purifies nature and has material benefits. Therefore, more and more people are considering making recycling their main income. The most profitable occupation at the moment is the recycling of paper and plastic. Since the 60s of the last century, there have been ideas for recycling recycled plastics. And also the first plant appeared, which was engaged in all this process. Now recycling equipment has become more compact and affordable for people.

Recycling technology

The huge advantage of the material is that recycling does not affect the properties of the plastic. Many useful things are made from recycled plastic:

  • garden furniture;

  • stationery and souvenirs;

  • children's toys and shells for playgrounds;

  • some types of textiles and clothing;

  • in Holland - road surface.

Recycling methodscan be both mechanical and chemical:

  • mechanical or chemical recycling allows you to get a polymer material, which is then used for the manufacture of other products;

  • solvolysis allows you to get fibers and chemicals in demand;

  • thermocatalysis allows plastic to be processed into liquid fuel components;

  • pyrolysis converts waste into gas, heat and fuel oil;

  • gasification - turning plastic into gas and much more

But, the easiest way to recycle is to cleanse the plastic and turn it into reusable granules.

What the equipment for the simplest plastic processing consists of

For the simplest plastic recycling to take place, an appropriate recycling line is required, which consists of:

  • vibrating screens,

  • sorting device,

  • crushers,

  • centrifuges,

  • stopper separator,

  • re-flushing and drying device.


The result is pellets that are easy to transport and ready to ship to the customer.

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