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Polymer-sand equipment | plastic recycling

Tile made of polymer material, rightfully called the eternal city. It has high performance characteristics due to the main filler - quartz sand and binding agent - polymer. Among the main advantages of such tiles are strength, lightness and durability, not to mention different shapes. And in order to produce such tiles, to do business on it, it is necessary to have available equipment for polymer-sand tiles.

Let's take a closer look at how to choose the equipment for polymer-sanded products, so that your business flourishes.

Polymer-sanded equipment: what to pay attention to?

in order to organize such a business, you do not need equipment, which takes up a lot of space. The main list of equipment for the production of polymer-sanded products includes:

  • Crusher with radial characteristics;
  • Melting and heating unit;
  • Press for shaping.

In addition to the above-mentioned equipment for the production of polymer-sand tiles, it is also necessary to provide:

  • Some types of conveyors: screw, belt;
  • System enabling feeding and dispense of the mixture;
  • Oil stations, as well as tables where the process of maturing ready-made tiles and other products takes place.

Investments in polymer sand production equipment

In any industrial production, even if they are small, you need to invest money. The equipment mentioned above is necessary, since it is impossible to manufacture products without it. Therefore, you will have to buy equipment for polymer-sand tiles. The question is: how do I do this so that I don't regret the choice?

It is better not to buy a second-hand one, as this can lead to malfunctions that lead to problems. Polymer-sanded equipment is better to buy if it is completely new.

If you need equipment for polymer-sand production, then you can buy it from us. The company provides only the best models that will last a long time and will not cause problems during operation.

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