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Plastic recycling

Plastic makes up a significant percentage of the total mass of garbage worldwide. That is why, since the 60s of the last century, there have been ideas on how to recycle it and use it again. As well as the first plastic processing plant appeared. Now the equipment for processing plastic has become more compact. Therefore, an increasing number of people consider plastic recycling as a business.

Processing technology

The great advantage of this material is that the processing of plastic does not affect its properties. A lot of useful things are made from recycled plastic:
  • garden furniture and accessories for rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, toilets, etc.);
  • stationery and Souvenirs;
  • children's toys and equipment for playgrounds;
  • some types of materials and clothing;
  • in Holland, there is even a road surface.

Currently, there are 5 widely used methods for recycling plastic waste, but in General they can be divided into two large groups: mechanical processing and physical and chemical processing of plastics. Various plastic recycling equipment is used for this purpose.

The equipment for processing of plastics

So, let's look at plastic recycling, equipment, and the price that will be asked for it. The plastic processing line usually contains:

  • a vibrating screen,
  • a sorting device,
  • a crusher-pulverizer,
  • a centrifuge,
  • a cork separator,
  • and a repeated washing and drying device.

The average price of the equipment will be about 220 thousand rubles.

Recycling plastic into pellets

Plastic granule is a popular product on the market and the source material for manufacturing products. That is why many people are interested in recycling plastic into pellets. The price of a plastic recycling line has now become quite affordable for organizing such activities anywhere in the country.

Plastic is processed into pellets in 8 stages:

  • sorting,
  • crushing,
  • cleaning,
  • drying,
  • heating,
  • and forming pellets.

The result is pellets that are easy to transport and ready to be sent to the customer.

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