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How and where to recycle plastic?

How and where to recycle plastic?


Description:Can plastic be recycled on compact equipment and make it your business? Why is plastic recycled, what happens after recycling?


Human activity leads to environmental pollution with garbage and waste that do not decompose for a long time. That is why the recycling of plastics, which now make up most of the "eternal waste", worries all of humanity.


What is made from recycled plastic?


Recycling of secondary plastics does not affect the properties of this material. Therefore, plastic processing allows you to get new products:

·         plastic furniture for a bathroom, a summer residence, a garden;

·         stationery and souvenirs;

·         children's toys, educational games;

·         sports equipment and equipment for playgrounds;

·         new materials that are used for sewing clothes and making upholstered furniture;

·         road surface.


How is plastic recycled?


There are actually a lot of ways:

·         recycling allows you to get recyclable polymer;

·         solvolysis allows you to "disassemble" the plastic into fibers and expensive chemicals;

·         thermocatalysis "extracts" components of liquid fuel from plastic;

·         pyrolysis converts plastic into gas, heat and fuel oil;

·         gasification makes it possible to "extract" gas from plastic and this is not the whole list.

But, in general, we can say that there is mechanical and chemical processing of plastic, prices can vary significantly depending on the process.

But, the simplest and most common way is to process it into the necessary source material for further use. Recycling of plastic takes place in two stages. At the first stage, garbage in the form of bottles and cups turns into special granules. And only then these granules go to the production of the necessary products. Previously, equipment for plastics processing was a complex complex. In the 60s of the last century, a whole plant was used for the first processing.


Where do I recycle plastic?


Now the technology has stepped forward, so any person can do the processing by purchasing the appropriate equipment. Plastic recycling equipment consists of:

·         vibrating screens,

·         sorting device,

·         crushers,

·         centrifuges,

·         stopper separator,

·         re-flushing and drying device.

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