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Chiller ZCL

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Refrigeration installation intended for cooling a substance while removal of excessive heat by using a coolant (in chiller it is water or other liquid).

Refrigeration systems use refrigerants – substances that take the heat energy in the process of isothermal expansion and boiling.

A chiller uses refrigerant R22 pumped through the working circuit with a compressor, the refrigerant is liquefied in the condenser and boils in the evaporator, taking the heat from the evaporator walls.

After compression in the process of condensation, the refrigerant gives up heat to the environment.

These units are designed for indoor installation, installation outside the building is not allowed. Selection of the unit must be in accordance with the equipment performance. Installation of the unit must be carried out by competent heating engineer, incorrect connection of the unit can lead to its failure. After the assembly and installation of the chiller it is necessary to check all connections for leaks, and lack of air pockets in the system. The water must be free of foreign inclusions and impurities that could score a chiller system. Content of alkali, acid in water is not allowed as it could lead to corrosion of copper parts of the unit.

The unit works automatically according to a predetermined cooling temperature. Do not set too low temperatures to prevent accretion of frost on the surface of copper tubes and evaporator. The chiller efficiency would be higher if there is no riming at preset temperature.

Th chiller is equipped with emergency stop button, which fully de-energizes the installation. For lengthy downtime of the installation drain water from the system. It is forbidden to operate the chiller until full elimination of failure. Perform periodical cleaning of the refrigeration unit for its effective operation.

Chillers are used for water-cooling of molds in production of composite products when equipment is operated round-the-clock. Good cooling provides for molding the products during short period of time that essentially enhances productivity.

Technical Data

Cooling capacity kW/50Hz 13 23,2 29 46 58
kW/60Hz 16,3 26,08 32,6 52 65,2
kcal/Hr/50Hz 15300 24800 31000 49600 61500
kcal/Hr/60Hz 16500 26500 33 52800 67500
Power consumption kW 4,2 6,7 8,3 13,3 16,2
Refrigerant Type of Control Capillary Expansion Valve
Cooling Type Water Cooling
Cooling water consumption m3/s 2,96 4,57 5,95 9,14 11,89
Pipe diameter at inlet/outlet, mm 25-12,5 25 12,5 25 50
Pump Power, kW 0,55 1,1 1,1 1,5 1,5
Head, m 25 25 25 25 25
Weight kg 258 378 417 750 835
Dimensions mm 1200*700*1100 1300*700*1300 1150*700*1450 1320*800*1450 1530*880*1600

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